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Furniture from which to watch the girls go by…

Italian outdoor furniture designer Fast Spa has given us a preview of what it will be showing at Milan this year and we like. We like very much! The 1950s inspired Aikana range of powder-coated aluminium furniture has been designed … Continue reading

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Chinese takeaway

It could certainly be a little more refined, but I do find myself strangely drawn to this Chinese ‘fusion’ outdoor furniture.Yet again, cultural meshing goes to prove that ‘national is international’. (Apologies for the deeply univentive heading. It’s Sunday night. I … Continue reading

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I ♥ Stellie but I lost it at the Bakkerij

Just back from a lovely long weekend in Stellenbosch with my man and I’m in love again. Not so much to do with him specifically, but more to do with the bread to be found at De Oude Bakkerij at the back of … Continue reading

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Come on baby…

Light my fire – please? Whether you go for the eco-friendly bio-fuel fires or traditional wood burners, these fires are not only eco-friendly and heat efficient but oh my lordy they are so, so beautiful. Coming into this country via Beauty Fires (, the … Continue reading

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Knocking off our resources, one cheap copy at a time

Not massively impressed at the call to buy knock offs of design classics that I read today on a local design blog page. But then I wouldn’t be would I? I spend a lot of time trying to demonstrate the value … Continue reading

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Grow yer own…

I’m so in love with these cards – what a great idea. Recycled paper embedded with flower or herb seeds. And for once, there’s no loss of design sophistication as so often happens when the words ‘recycled’ or ‘green’ come … Continue reading

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