Eco turns Ch’Eco

Recycled, up-cycled, re-used, you name it, but we just love these rubber planters with ‘petals’ that open to form giant flowerpots. In fact, we love them so much that they are now available in South Africa and you can see just how spectacularly chic and simple they are if you visit our Johannesburg showroom.

The Bulbo comes in various sizes and takes small to medium trees up to approximately 3m in height, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor gardens. Its flexibility enables it to adapt to uneven ground without losing its stability. It is without doubt the most attractive eco-friendly feature planter on the market. So far we’ve used it with great effect to create an ‘avenue’ of olive trees at a wine estate and to decorate the exterior of an inner city hotel, but this superb range had only just landed on our shores and I have no doubt that this attractive eco-solution will put the old-fashioned concrete planter firmly where it belongs.

The Hanging Planter is a vertical garden and is ideal for an alternative (and portable!) version of a living wall.

Available in one, four or five hanging ladders giving you anywhere between half and 2.5m in drop, these can be hung in repeat patterns for major visual impact or simply as a small herb garden in the kitchen hanging pots of your choice. For flexibility, its adjustable straps enable it to adapt to any balcony in order to construct a wall of vegetation with stainless steel ladder. Containers should have a minimum diameter of 14cms. Both products result from an innovative process of recycled PVC fabrics from car industry waste.

View the Bulbo XL at 03cubed showroom in Kramerville, Johannesburg. For details:


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