Enter the Heavy…

Tjing Tjing Bar

Hanging Heavy

Oh,  Dear Me & Tjing Tjing has such a delicious sound to it, ‘plosive & ‘appy sounds really!  Viva Francois du Plessis for pulling off this superbly sophisticated, slick & sexy meeting place. The design, like the food, is inspired & takes one to lofty heights.  This  three storey eclectic brasserie is home to   Dear Me  on the ground floor — a deli come coffee shop & lunch time restaurant.  Dear Me has scored heaps of accolades & kudos to chef Vanessa — the menu & food is inspired.  Ilsa (owner) &Vanessa use locally available produce, with the option of tailoring meals for those with special dietary requirements.   Move on up to the top storey & you realise again how much you love Cape Town.  The Tjing Tjing roof top bar is crammed & jammed with people — mix this with the Tokyo-does-Soho decor & you know why we think this is a winner!   The blending of local Woodstock & Salt River furniture  finds, together with local talent Gregor Jenkins & international designers lends more currency to Cape Town’s Creative Design ethos.  We relish the fact that our MHCO Heavy Lights (Benjamin Hubert) were selected to hang high & our EMU Round Cafe Chairs & tables were chosen to stand poised & ready to take diners who want to eat on the sidewalk — very a’ la mode. 

Tjing Tjing Invitation

Dear Me

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