Popping Pills

Elle Decor - May 2011

We were thrilled to see our Pill Carpet featured in the latest issue of Elle Decor.  The remarkable quality of works by Agnieszka Czop and Joanna Rusin – young decorative fabric designers from Łódź – is best seen in their felt carpet designs. The most fascinating thing about their fabrics is their innovation and originality. Both designers go beyond the traditional visual structure of floor or wall coverings, and also favour new materials and technologies. The carpets are handmade, not woven. They are cut out of wool felt and embellished with tiny decorative elements, sometimes made from the same material. The designers are consistently reinventing the functional concept of “carpet” – moving from utilitarian to creative and engaging. Decorative fabrics become “alternative” or “interactive,”thus provoking people to participate, and to “use things differently.” In 2004 they received the Best Young Designer award given by the Polish edition of “Elle Decoration” for their creative interpretation of 1950s / 1960s style fabrics.  For the first time they combined two complementary elements– an open‑work, neutral‑colored base of wool felt, with cut‑outs made of dyed felt. This is when the notion of the “alternative carpet” was born: the designers combined the functionality of floor fabrics with fun compositions of patterns with motifs of little cars, lozenge‑drops, roosters,and animals. If you are ever in our neighbourhood, come play and pop the pills back into our carpet!

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