Retro chic with Gervasoni

A superbly irreverent use of the Gervasoni Light-Up INOUT 101L chair with white linen cover. Tie-dye! And knock me down with a feather…it works beautifully.

I confess, I shrank back in my contemporary minimalist seat when I heard from my client that although he loved the white linen look, he had decided he would rather own something that would be more forgiving when his nephews came over to play and had therefore tie-dyed the cover.

I was, to say the least, mortified that someone would take the Gervasoni piece and alter its character. But on seeing the result I realised that this is exactly what Gervasoni’s furniture is all about – taking these superb pieces and making them utterly personal to the environment in which they stand. Whether it’s in the personal choice mix of Gervasoni’s own fabrics that it offers for slip covers, the cross-over and integration within its own product ranges or taking pieces which form the base of a look that melds with other designers, Gervasoni is all about an individual expression of design in life.

So, having recovered from my shock, I’m now of the mind that far from being offended, Gervasoni and Paola Navone will enjoy this picture and see it as the perfect representation of Gervasoni’s design ethos…

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