Through the Looking Grass

Jaco van Rensburg : Instant Grass Revamp

Jaco van Rensburg’s revamp speaks to us in so many ways – a twist of this and a dash of that – sourcing and pulling together old and new, pricey-not pricey with a savoir -faire that is enviable.  His recent project for Instant Grass – a hip agency that required a new space to reflect their unique services and viewpoint held a huge appeal for Jaco. His interpretation of the brief was to create semi-permanent zones in the existing large open-plan space that he customised for spontaneous brainstorm sessions with curtains and screens. He installed a bespoke 11m. table that blurs the line between desk and kitchen table, numerous art installations, uniquely up-cycled items with a sense of humour – visit his blog and get to enjoy Jaco’s quirky and creative solution for creatives to happily co-exist in a creative space…
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