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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? I don’t care – I just want one!

I’m sorry. You can show me the slickest, most chic and glamorous outdoor designs in the world. But for sheer comfort,  flexibility (and crazy laughter potential) this is a complete winner. Made by French designer Marine Peyre, OutBed, which despite … Continue reading

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The Life & Times

It is always edifying to witness the dedication to highlight design and take it mainstream.  Life-Times is dedicated to such. Life-Times is a collaboration of writers, photographers and designers who realized in the course of their general run-around day they meet inspiring creatives, … Continue reading

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Enter the Heavy…

Oh,  Dear Me & Tjing Tjing has such a delicious sound to it, ‘plosive & ‘appy sounds really!  Viva Francois du Plessis for pulling off this superbly sophisticated, slick & sexy meeting place. The design, like the food, is inspired & … Continue reading

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News from abroad

Sitting in the salubrious surroundings of Bishop’s Stortford at our sister company’s head office in the UK and enjoying some of the local products that we don’t get to see in Milan or South Africa. Or anywhere other than the … Continue reading

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