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a tisket a tasket, a fabulously brand-new basket

Oh yes please!  Withdraw from the world and make your own kind of magic; sleep, draw, read, snuggle, cuddle – into this playpen.  The Big Basket is a big idea borne out of good old-fashioned basket-weaving techniques.  Take colourful felts … Continue reading

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Eco turns Ch’Eco

Recycled, up-cycled, re-used, you name it, but we just love these rubber planters with ‘petals’ that open to form giant flowerpots. In fact, we love them so much that they are now available in South Africa and you can see just how spectacularly chic and … Continue reading

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You rock my world.

T’is the season of love…well, t’is one day in the year when you’re supposed to love anyway. So find out if you are a suitable match by inviting your partner into the SWAY rocker designed by Markus Krauss. Do you have what … Continue reading

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Sit back, relax and kick off your shoes

ISOLA is such a delicious take on the new necessity. For most of us who are constantly connected to the internet via laptops, tablets, smartphones and other portable devices in many public or semi-private situations, seating postures change to accommodate the need … Continue reading

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It is all in the illusion …

ILLUSION DESIGN BY HAREIDE DESIGN (2010) “An illusion is a distortion of the senses .  While illusions distort reality, they are generally shared by most people. Illusions may occur with more of the human senses than vision, but visual illusions, are the most … Continue reading

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