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Striking colour

I came across Tyree Callahan’s Chromatic Typewriter some time ago, and at the time I thought it a thing of great beauty both conceptually and as a piece of art. Unlike most visual images that we are bombarded with on a daily … Continue reading

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Shedding a sophisticated light on upcycling

Upcycling may be all the rage, but it has to work hard to shed its shabby-chic, leather sandal, ‘deliberately distressted’ look that using already used or cast aside materials almost inevitably leads to. But Italian designer Marco Stefanelli has managed … Continue reading

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Blown away by South African gold

While all around are whipped up in South African Gold Medal fever, we at are awarding our own gold medal in the glassblowing design category to Woltemade for these spectacular handblown glass lights. The ‘Vonk Light’ has a sensuous flowing … Continue reading

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