Moving home?

Never has this been more literally true with the new generation of travelling micro homes. From roots derided by many as the butt of road jokes – the humble caravan – the tiny home movement now includes both fixed and mobile homes which share aesthetic features common to some of the globes slickest architectural residences. Take, for example, the exterior of the new two storey micro home on wheels – the Escape One XL, which sleeps up to eight people. This rolling tiny cottage is clad in wood charred using the Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban, which also covers a tiny guest house at the base of the world’s most active volcano.
There is no doubt that tiny homes hold a great appeal – and even better when they’re on wheels and classed as a RV so don’t incur fixed property-related costs! If you’re happier staying put, then you’ve still got a wealth of tiny home choice, helping you to save money and live simply. For those who love the idea of a simple life but still need their tech-fix, there’s a high-tech micro dwelling equipped with smartphone-controlled systems. For those into sports, why not opt for a tiny cabin with a climbing wall up its side?
And for those seeking a zen level of perfection, perhaps the prefabricated tiny house designed with computer algorithms will offer the optimum in efficient design & build options.
Whatever your heart desires, we have no doubt that you’ll find it under construction at some point, in the tiny home revolution.

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