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Moving home?

Never has this been more literally true with the new generation of travelling micro homes. From roots derided by many as the butt of road jokes – the humble caravan – the tiny home movement now includes both fixed and … Continue reading

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Play as art or art as play?

We love Capetonian artist and ex fashion designer Faatimah Mohammed Luke’s latest work- creating large Tessallat inspired pieces from plastic building blocks. Who would have thought after a play session with her three year old daughter would lead to an artistic … Continue reading

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All that glisters…

Sometimes, design is so much more than thinking, sketching, planning, roughing, researching, testing, prototyping, crafting and manufacturing. Sometimes it just IS. Here at Take a Seat, we were taken aback by the sheer complexity and strange beauty of this (assisted) natural … Continue reading

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Tie a yellow ribbon…

As if Italy wasn’t stylish enough… After more than 40 years since his last work in the country, Christo has selected Lake Iseo — 100 kilometers east of Milan — for his next installation, due to be executed in June … Continue reading

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Divine space

We are lucky enough to constantly see fabulous architecture all around, but every now and again, we see an interior that just takes our breath away. William O’Brien Jnr’s Allandale House; Cabin of Curiosities is one such building. Soaring spaces, … Continue reading

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Take the Tour with Gervasoni

Each year we get the Tour. And it’s greeted with enormous excitement. Gervasoni’s Tour brochure is designed to show how the company’s exquisite craftsmanship and products can sit in homes of all styles around the globe, without the need to … Continue reading

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