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Play as art or art as play?

We love Capetonian artist and ex fashion designer Faatimah Mohammed Luke’s latest work- creating large Tessallat inspired pieces from plastic building blocks. Who would have thought after a play session with her three year old daughter would lead to an artistic … Continue reading

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Swing Table

George Bernard Shaw famously said “”WE DON’T STOP PLAYING BECAUSE WE GROW OLD, WE GROW OLD BECAUSE WE STOP PLAYING.” I don’t think he was talking about furniture at the time, but he undoubtedly would have, had he  been offered … Continue reading

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Good books can really make you think…

And good art can provoke discourse. Put the two together and you have this thought provoking installation proving that pages don’t have to be turned to give meaning to a book. But what happens when you make good art from … Continue reading

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Let there be light. But most of all let there be colour.

The world has suddenly woken up to the benefits of living life in high definition colour. Every new day brings a different hue to the skyline of our cities or the eyeline of our bedrooms. Beige, taupe, oatmeal, earthy colours, neutrals are … Continue reading

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…take a blank canvas

and some broad brushstrokes is what created  Canvas  – Inspired by stage props, Naoki Ono and Yuuki Yamamoto of YOY Design House aimed to replace traditional furnishings with ones that play with perception and serve a dual purpose within a … Continue reading

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Red Alert

Red is always a shot of hot! Hot colour, Hot Fashion, Hot Hair – this is the colour which evokes and triggers memories, creativity and it is no wonder that that emporium of style, The Conran Shop, hosted RED , … Continue reading

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