Swing Table

Large 4

George Bernard Shaw famously said “”WE DON’T STOP PLAYING BECAUSE WE GROW OLD, WE GROW OLD BECAUSE WE STOP PLAYING.” I don’t think he was talking about furniture at the time, but he undoubtedly would have, had he  been offered a seat at the ‘Swing Table’ by Duffy London. This is one seating system guaranteed to turn any boring meeting at the office or home dinner into a space of joy and playfulness. But don’t let the fun element fool you into thinking that it’s all about being a big kid. Because the materials are a lot more serious. While you get to choose from a very grown up Walnut or Oak top, the rest of the framework is made of a robust powder coated mild steel. It’s got to be the first time we’ve ever wanted to meetings to be longer!

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