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Laurie Wiiid van Heerden - image courtesy of Life-Time

It is always edifying to witness the dedication to highlight design and take it mainstream.  Life-Times is dedicated to such. Life-Times is a collaboration of writers, photographers and designers who realized in the course of their general run-around day they meet inspiring creatives, come across places and such-much that need to be documented and of course celebrated or championed! Theirs is a creative synergy who love to captures that which intrigues in words and images and share them with us.  Just to illustrate – here is a snippet from their recent spotlight on Cape Town designer Laurie Wiiid van Heerden

What inspires you to design….?

I have always loved old things, ancient techniques and traditional materials. I believe that  the skills of the past need to be cherished and remembered, which is why I try to incorporate modern tooling and design with simple, traditional raw materials.  The techniques artisans use inspire me to create intricate pieces of design, by combining wool, clay, porcelain, steel and cork with state-of-the-art LED energy saving systems .

Visit – a lovely life-experience which reinforces and celebrates our home-grown wealth of creative and design energy. Enjoy – we do!

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