Take the Tour with Gervasoni

20130308-GERVASONI-TOUR-2013Each year we get the Tour. And it’s greeted with enormous excitement. Gervasoni’s Tour brochure is designed to show how the company’s exquisite craftsmanship and products can sit in homes of all styles around the globe, without the need to create any specific ‘look’. We love it because it’s quirky, humorous, intelligent and creative. It reminds us each time of just why we chose Gervasoni as one of our leading luxury brands.

Click here to take a look…

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Don’t throw stones…

Nick-Olson-Lilah-Horwitz-Recycled-Windows-Home-11We don’t usually get sentimental on this blog, but this is a love story of windows, meadows, sustainable building, and photographer Nick Olson and fashion designer Lilah Horwitz. They left their daily jobs to  build and live in a house made from recycled windows. Their unique glazed dwelling is immersed  in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia – at the very same spot where they  dreamt about building a home for watching sunsets on their very first date…inside

To make their dreamlike home and watch the sun set over the mountains, the  romantic duo came up with the idea of building the whole facade from windows, allowing plenty of natural light in and reducing the need for  artificial sources. To get everything they needed they embarked on a road trip  collecting dozens of old windows from garage sales and antique dealers around  the area.

Just a few weeks after they brought everything they needed to their favourite  spot and built their unique woodland home. The rest of the house was  made from recycled wood, the furniture is vintage and they even got an old stove for burning wood during the winter.  glass-4Their brilliant home is now complete and it glows during the dark. I think I’m in love.

Thanks to www.inhabit.com



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Good books can really make you think…

543912_551583981556571_1640292850_nAnd good art can provoke discourse. Put the two together and you have this thought provoking installation proving that pages don’t have to be turned to give meaning to a book. But what happens when you make good art from poor literature? Does it make the installation piece any less meaningful? Or does it add yet another dimension?

With thanks to Book Crossing, via Anonymous ART of Revolution.
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Let there be light. But most of all let there be colour.

xarmin-blasbichler-studio'der Muslhaufen' house located in South Tyrol, Italy.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.zxnbDIPbKifilm-2

The world has suddenly woken up to the benefits of living life in high definition Sugamo Shinkin Bankcolour. Every new day brings a different hue to the skyline of our cities or the eyeline of our bedrooms. Beige, taupe, oatmeal, earthy colours, neutrals are falling out of favour. As the doom and gloom of recession lifts in some countries, and bites harder in others, design is striking back with colour. Vivids, brights, acids, and multi-coloured surfaces adorn inner and outer shells of buildings. A colour revival is transforming both inner cities and domestic residences with bold splashes of light and patterns of colour. 5-Your-Rainbow-Panorama

Here’s a selection of some of our favourites.Top left to bottom right: Xarmin-Blasbichler-studio’der Muslhaufen’, Davide Groppi Film light, Sugamo Shinkin Bank,  ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Istanbul Disaster Prevention Center.Istanbul Disaster Prevention Center


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…take a blank canvas

take a seat

take a seat

and some broad brushstrokes is what created  Canvas  – Inspired by stage props, Naoki Ono and Yuuki Yamamoto of YOY Design House aimed to replace traditional furnishings with ones that play with perception and serve a dual purpose within a space. The result is a fabulously artful and comfortable seating collection. Canvas not only provides an instant gallery-feel to your apartment or home – it provides you that moment where you become the centre piece, an extension of the canvas.  You get to curate your own space and lounge in it!  Presented at the Salone del Mobile  Satellite in Milan, Canvas seating by YOY transforms and turns traditional art work on its head.  Their initial furniture collection is a quirky take on Baroque, however the options to create your own canvas is endless. This innovative and dare we say it, quirky product is available in a chair, armchair and a two-seat sofa.  Essentially the design is a canvas-shaped chair within a drawing of a chair. The  frame is made of wood and aluminium and is covered with an elastic fabric which is printed with the texture of canvas and the drawings of a chair, sofa and armchair.

... and get comfortable

… and get comfortable

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Thinking OUTside of the acronym

Isn’t it wonderful what you fall over when you’re looking for other things…

Pottering around the World Wide Inter Web, looking for lovely Paola Lenti imagery, I stumbled across this fabulous look – the exquisite Aqua Surf Lounger and Frame footstool, set against ‘Blue Powder’ exterior wallpaper. Hang on a minute. Exterior wallpaper?

Yes, one of those ‘it’s so obvious I can’t believe we’re not all doing it already’ moments… We do it for the inside of our houses (in fact I believe it’s all the rage) so why not for the far more visible and generally much duller outer shell? Are we afraid to announce our style to the world?


If you’re as brave as I think you are, then Wall & Deco have a wide range of outdoor designs in its OUT range.

And yes, it is an acronym. It stands for Outdoor Unconventional Textures.

Be bold. Be graphic. Go large. For more wonderful eye-candy, visit www.wallanddeco.com


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